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I like to ramble about things on twitter. Sometimes these are interesting long threads, so I'm going to try to collect them here.
I like to ramble about things on twitter. Sometimes these are interesting long threads, so I'm going to try to collect them here.

== Aliexpress/ebay/amazon is full of Weird Junk ==

* [https://twitter.com/Foone/status/1294655912993386498 Censored Hello Kitty, creepy masks, giant vegetable pillows],
* [https://twitter.com/Foone/status/1294017919932706816 There are no vape phones, but you can punch beekeepers, sadden your beard, and wear haunted masks]
* [https://twitter.com/Foone/status/1246290643841773571 Tiny phones!]
* [https://twitter.com/Foone/status/1244777360378843136 Weird connectors, like connecting to PCI over DVI]
* [https://twitter.com/Foone/status/1224206741602062336 Strange SD cards and Mini-PCIe cards]
* [https://twitter.com/Foone/status/1219145405625065472 Power USB devices with 9V batteries, or spin your BBQ rotisserie spit from USB]
* [https://twitter.com/Foone/status/1196955319621971968 Save me USB adapters! And the secret behind USB yfrjgbntkm]
* [https://twitter.com/Foone/status/1195487970167414784 Industrial connectors: Because sometimes you want to screw in your USB-C connector]
* [https://twitter.com/Foone/status/1164214092296380417 USB cables come in the same types as romance novels]
* [https://twitter.com/Foone/status/1211146329281286144 Sex toys, to ensure porper pressure on your tender skin]
* [https://twitter.com/Foone/status/1229656628686811136 Strange novelty phones]
* [https://twitter.com/Foone/status/1203808477274984448 Who needs a 9-key keyboard?]
* [https://twitter.com/Foone/status/1187991306255028224 Industrial keyboards on ebay]
* [https://twitter.com/Foone/status/1161140055194259456 Custom/industrial keyboards on ebay]
* [https://twitter.com/Foone/status/1133537108205826048 The government deals site has paintings, police soda machines, and driving simulators]
* [https://twitter.com/Foone/status/1007747325261799424 I was bored at a Guitar Center and took a bunch of pictures of musical stuff]
* [https://twitter.com/Foone/status/1098492129515458561 Does ebay have SATAN? on VHS? Oh yes]
* [https://twitter.com/Foone/status/1034604847939502080 What about Jesus? On VHS? Yes as well.]
* [https://twitter.com/Foone/status/1276631778174726144 Point of Sale keyboards]
* [https://twitter.com/foone/status/1270070014482079746 Waterproof Connectors]
* [https://twitter.com/Foone/status/1302170837701726209 Old IBM computer controllers, with a tangent into how Williams Tubes Memory worked]

== Biology ==

* [https://twitter.com/Foone/status/1014267515696922624 Eyes are weird and use timetravel to hide your temporary blindness]
* [https://twitter.com/Foone/status/1174402713582333952 How long could you run a human on a Radioisotope Thermoelectric Generator?]
* [https://twitter.com/Foone/status/996122600366530560 Scanning your body using antimatter, the same kind that's in bananas]
* [https://twitter.com/Foone/status/1012789232555864064 Don't eat the rich, it isn't healthy. Compost the rich instead.]
* [https://twitter.com/foone/status/1192850445288370177 Joking about the 7th sense, and how many senses do we have anyway? And how that relates to ADHD.]
* [https://twitter.com/Foone/status/1015011775526330369 Why you can see moving dots when you look at a blue sky]

== Calendars ==

* [https://twitter.com/Foone/status/1151546837578313728 Kodak's Nuclear Reactor and the International Fixed Calendar]
* [https://twitter.com/Foone/status/1318207136636096512 The US Presidential Date System, invented in the 4th Year of Trump]
* [https://twitter.com/Foone/status/1105181992843337729 Windows 95 doesn't know about George W. Bush and his ideas about Daylight Saving Time]

== The Cold War ==

* [https://twitter.com/Foone/status/987665684887781376 Why not put a nuclear reactor in a plane?]
* [https://twitter.com/Foone/status/1191529864995586048 How do you take pictures on a spy satellite in the age of film?]
* [https://twitter.com/Foone/status/1125139449690578945 Can you run a plane on AA batteries? (no) and why the USSR accidentally irradiated Canada.]
* [https://twitter.com/Foone/status/1024714426291605504 Why are Bikinis named after an island that the US nuked?]
* [https://twitter.com/Foone/status/999729479948816384 Duck and Cover isn't silly propaganda, it's good advice]

== Computer Displays ==

* [https://twitter.com/foone/status/1159904664055214080 How CRTs work and the amazing image of a round nude tube]
* [https://twitter.com/foone/status/1156392702725902336 How does your computer figure out what monitor you plugged in?]
* [https://twitter.com/foone/status/1133807436077314048 Planar graphics and why they were used]

== Computer Keyboards & Mice & Joysticks ==

* [https://twitter.com/foone/status/1204080220212322304 The looming security implications of mechanical keyboards]
* [https://twitter.com/Foone/status/1174756637304688640 How Keyboards Work]
* [https://twitter.com/Foone/status/1305698356010704896 How can my mouse have 8 buttons if Windows only lets you have 5 buttons?]
* [https://twitter.com/Foone/status/1008173817074573312 The PC Joystick interface is slightly bananas: It's two timers]
* [https://twitter.com/Foone/status/1288219794487951360 How do those serial-to-ps/2 adapters for mice work?]
* [https://twitter.com/foone/status/1163489760687480839 How Mice Work]
* [https://twitter.com/foone/status/1153789322295779328 How keyboards communicate keypresses to Windows, and why you can't easily get a keyboard with an Emoji Button]

== Computer History ==

* [https://twitter.com/Foone/status/1213498945525014529 Why 2038 is The End Of Time]
* [https://twitter.com/Foone/status/1068752140984700929 The connection between Naked Lunch and PNG files]
* [https://twitter.com/foone/status/1186743072681410560 Punch Cards and the history of IBM]
* [https://twitter.com/Foone/status/1201956309941116928 How did you program in 1962?]
* [https://twitter.com/foone/status/1271624942723817475 How you can use your CD-ROM driver to stop MS-DOS from booting]
* [https://twitter.com/foone/status/1176563676364464129 How does your computer know which hard drive is which?]
* [https://twitter.com/foone/status/1165455650823950337 EZ-Drive/Data Lifeguard/On Track Disk Manager, and how they let you have a hard drive bigger than 500mb]
* [https://twitter.com/foone/status/1070093846703304705 Why Windows 95 had a "It's now safe to turn off your computer" screen and how the boot-screen was animated without being animated]
* [https://twitter.com/foone/status/1058676834940776450 Why you can't have a file named "aux.h" on Windows]
* [https://twitter.com/foone/status/1259295796245098497 Bubble Memory: The Next Big Thing that Never Was]

== Computer Programming ==

* [https://twitter.com/Foone/status/1317901259920220160 Web scraping and the many sins of Tumblr]
* [https://twitter.com/Foone/status/1317197881095331840 The endless failures of the Panera Bread & McDonalds websites]
* [https://twitter.com/foone/status/1263258295575298048 The horrors of hacking and my dad's deathtrap van]

== Chemical Elements ==

* [https://twitter.com/Foone/status/1156624202448769024 Hafnium and the possibility of a nuclear hand-grenade]
* [https://twitter.com/Foone/status/1190340638899724288 Rhodium doesn't cause cancer, it can prevent it! and how that's connected to Bunsen burners]
* [https://twitter.com/Foone/status/1194418854589370369 Dysprosium is why you shouldn't eat a Prius]

== Electronics ==

* [https://twitter.com/Foone/status/1264925104175112192 What connector you should definitely NOT use for a sex machine?]

== Flea Market (Electronics/De Anza) ==

* [https://twitter.com/Foone/status/840608555019337728 March 2017]
* [https://twitter.com/Foone/status/863494836711677952 May 2017]
* [https://twitter.com/Foone/status/873614191789170688 June 2017] and [https://twitter.com/Foone/status/873618780814925825 Follow-up with stuff I Got]
* [https://twitter.com/Foone/status/883765050401447936 July 2017] and [https://twitter.com/Foone/status/883761695079841792 Follow-up with stuff I Got]
* [https://twitter.com/Foone/status/896368415610359808 August 2017] and [https://twitter.com/Foone/status/896861151195144192 Follow-up with stuff I Got]
* [https://twitter.com/Foone/status/906514053303984130 September 2017] and [https://twitter.com/Foone/status/907452708935712769 Follow-up with stuff I Got]
* [https://twitter.com/Foone/status/985239506998538241 April 2018]
* [https://twitter.com/Foone/status/995367103866654720 May 2018]
* [https://twitter.com/Foone/status/1028274832192856064 August 2018]
* [https://twitter.com/Foone/status/1117079712092737537 April 2019]
* [https://twitter.com/Foone/status/1127211581991817217 May 2019]
* [https://twitter.com/Foone/status/1137365714824597504 June 2019]
* [https://twitter.com/Foone/status/1172959598971514880 September 2019]

== Floppy Disks ==

* [https://twitter.com/Foone/status/1263702402886057984 How superfloppy drives were able to fit more data on the same size disks as standard floppies]
* [https://twitter.com/foone/status/1194762568948056064 What does formatting a disk mean, and how it's completely different from hard drives or SSDs]
* [https://twitter.com/Foone/status/1174506894607577088 How USB Floppy Drives use a protocol from Shugart embedded in another protocol from Shugart embedded in another protocol from Shugart and who is this Shugart Guy anyway?]
* [https://twitter.com/foone/status/1267014860589555712 The cool trick used in double-sided drives]
* [https://twitter.com/Foone/status/1305603704519712768 Why is it Optical Discs, but Floppy Disks? (And how IDE works)]
* [https://twitter.com/foone/status/1114301253939388416 The spiral-disks of the Famicom Disk System]

== Games ==
== Games ==

* [https://twitter.com/Foone/status/1315364527874039808 River-crossing puzzles]
*[https://twitter.com/Foone/status/1315364527874039808 River-crossing puzzles]
*[https://twitter.com/Foone/status/1182011340807786496 Amulets & Armor: Is it Doom? And if not, why would anyone think it was?]
*[https://twitter.com/Foone/status/1161310515576000512 How I used a moustache to prevent cheating when playing videogames back in the early 2000s]
*[https://twitter.com/Foone/status/1269008414723563520 Conquests of the Longbow: The Legend of Robin Hood is neat and should get a remake]
*[https://twitter.com/foone/status/1201598882410639360 How game controls have shifted over time]
*[https://twitter.com/foone/status/1189249817492557826 How DOOM encrypted its cheat codes, and how long did it take someone to figure them out anyway]
*[https://twitter.com/foone/status/1176598869263581184 Playing through the KFC Visual Novel]
*[https://twitter.com/foone/status/1161733088591765506 Why PC games don't have ROMs, what a ROM is, and why your Nintendo Switch games are DOOMED]
*[https://twitter.com/foone/status/1087126471917764608 ExciteBike for the Famicom and how it stored tracks, and what that has to do with batteries and floppy disks]
*[https://twitter.com/Foone/status/1126996260026605568 Pilotwings for the SNES can work differently, even on an identical ROM] and [https://twitter.com/Foone/status/1170402462143893505 the follow-up when the game was released on the Switch]
*[https://twitter.com/Foone/status/1177644211790729216 Companion chips used to enhance SNES games]
*[https://twitter.com/Foone/status/1310001741606207489 Building a generator for Silent Hill 2 is so hard that I get mad and livetweet building a Rambo (NES) generator]
*[https://twitter.com/Foone/status/1106713682132652033 The SNES was designed with NES backwards compatibility in mind, even if it never had it]
*[https://twitter.com/foone/status/1170031896031449088 How the 10NES chip kept you from playing games if the connector was dirty]
*[https://twitter.com/foone/status/1118563478275383296 Gaming in the transhumanist future]
*[https://twitter.com/Foone/status/1019302533112594432 SimCity 2000, SimCopter, The Yes Men, and the Bhopal Disaster]
*[https://twitter.com/foone/status/1097637772809011200 Playing Super Mario Bros on a printer, and why Super Mario Bros 2 is Like That]

== Gender ==

* [https://twitter.com/Foone/status/991949245526589440 Doctor James Barry was an awesome trans man you should have learned about in history class]
* [https://twitter.com/Foone/status/1117514202455785472 The woman who took a picture of a black hole, the harassment, and my awesome grandma]

== My Government Job ==

* [https://twitter.com/Foone/status/1013855289727045632 I made a progress bar that was 100% lies]
* [https://twitter.com/Foone/status/1009925842879696896 The Air Force loves World of Warcraft]
* [https://twitter.com/Foone/status/953361166440349696 Everything is fractal disasters and why there are no New Projects, ever]
* [https://twitter.com/Foone/status/1027997653815066625 The horrors of CSV and how to loophole a government contract to intentionally lose 10 years of data]
* [https://twitter.com/Foone/status/1067742462356013056 Why a free program cost too much for the US government to afford, and why you should never scan anything with Windows 98]
* [https://twitter.com/Foone/status/1181713088405356545 Why we charged you for public domain information that was free]
* [https://twitter.com/Foone/status/1185239940348530689 Why I don't think the US military is fully off floppy disks, why they used them in the first place, and why there's so much weather data from Alaska]
* [https://twitter.com/foone/status/1196819489209237505 Why I had to virus scan my own files or lose a couple million dollars]

== US History & Politics ==

* [https://twitter.com/Foone/status/1193942666058166272 Florence Nightgale's contribution to statistics, a scam in Ohio, and how to fight a war with counterfeiting]
* [https://twitter.com/Foone/status/1177296151512408064 The Black Hawk War that Sufjan Stevens sung about]
* [https://twitter.com/foone/status/1164562359051907073 Jury Nullification and how it has been used]
* [https://twitter.com/foone/status/1082462660287840256 The Goodyear Blimp is none of those three things]

== The James Webb Ground Device ==

* [https://twitter.com/Foone/status/1261057455187845120 It has a twitter account. That makes me angry]
* [https://twitter.com/Foone/status/1180181025982312448 All the other space projects that have launched in the meantime, and why that makes me angry]
* [https://twitter.com/Foone/status/1132728410935971840 Maybe Elon Musk could launch the JWST for free? He didn't, and that makes me angry.]
* [https://twitter.com/Foone/status/1012086962512015362 Can we launch (no pun intended) a kickstarter for NASA to launch the JWST? Because the funding problems make me angry]
* [https://twitter.com/Foone/status/1270777994689167360 The JWST is coded in Javascript running on an iMac and that makes me angry]

== Linguistics ==

* [https://twitter.com/Foone/status/1019865269374554112 How do sci-fi universal translators know when to stop?]
* [https://twitter.com/Foone/status/1312110877777166337 Jabberwocky, the word ye, and why we have two words for cow and two words for feces]
* [https://twitter.com/foone/status/1187040226796953600 How rebracketing changed English words]
* [https://twitter.com/foone/status/1101593274827988992 The history of the snowclone "X is hard, let's go shopping"]

== Magazines ==

* [https://twitter.com/Foone/status/936446824302370817 Electronic adverts in 1980s Playboys]
* [https://twitter.com/foone/status/1266280379784126465 Video Games & hardware from PC Review, May 1992]
* [https://twitter.com/foone/status/1264494990824058880 Hardware from PC Magazine, January 1995]
* [https://twitter.com/foone/status/1264267494878932993 Input devices and software from Byte, March 1992]

== Misc Science ==

* [https://twitter.com/foone/status/1202293011150852096 Learning about things you already knew: How written numbers work, how grammatical cases work, and the difference between centralized communist economies and capitalist ones]
* [https://twitter.com/foone/status/1116414833685975040 Why is there coal? Because trees won the evolutionary arms race.]

== Money ==

* [https://twitter.com/Foone/status/1131296195647688705 The US has had some weird currency and why our current bills are illegal and have to be redesigned, and how Lin-Manuel Miranda messed that up]
* [https://twitter.com/foone/status/1195756271577649152 How rich is Jeff Bezos? He's a dragon.]

== Music ==

* [https://twitter.com/Foone/status/1307339403593805826 Weird Al's endless licensing issues]

== Personal History: ==

* [https://twitter.com/foone/status/1173681231562567680 How I ended up owing 18k$ because of a single typo]
* [https://twitter.com/foone/status/1163846327060426752 The horror of the company that had The Repo]
* [https://twitter.com/foone/status/1135277010089963520 The animals that tried to invade my bedroom as a teen, and the Snake in my PC]
* [https://twitter.com/foone/status/1051949964991983616 Why the FBI mentioned my old username in a federal investigation]

== Religion ==

* [https://twitter.com/Foone/status/1279893046692216832 How do you find the direction to Mecca? What if you're in space?]

== Space Science ==

* [https://twitter.com/Foone/status/1251961199924613121 Nuclear reactors before humans and WHY IS THERE A MOON?]
* [https://twitter.com/Foone/status/1063298242010505216 We learned something about meteorites by setting off a nuclear bomb, and the mystery of the nuclear explosion where there shouldn't have been one]
* [https://twitter.com/Foone/status/1092722733853470720 How we figured out if there's more than one galaxy: Cepheid Variables]
* [https://twitter.com/Foone/status/1095550629919961088 The Challenger disaster, and Normalization of Deviance]
* [https://twitter.com/Foone/status/1301277628377124864 What films did they watch on the International Space Station?]
* [https://twitter.com/foone/status/1104483880847925248 Does the International Space Station have a "front"?]
* [https://twitter.com/foone/status/1204190689724006400 The first picture of earth taken from a satellite, and what that has to do with the UK's nuclear missiles]
* [https://twitter.com/foone/status/1172591378594820096 A spaceship engine that's slower than a snail, and why jet engines are CHEATING]
* [https://twitter.com/Foone/status/1065024550310600704 There are floppy disks on the International Space Station: How'd they get there?]
* [https://twitter.com/foone/status/1032285477590593538 How can we get power out of a black hole?]

== Science Fiction & Anime ==

* [https://twitter.com/Foone/status/1002567349461966848 Giant robots are stupid and fictional superweapons are weaker than ones we've already deployed]
* [https://twitter.com/Foone/status/1316830740600946688 When is the Golden Age of Star Trek, 1997 or 2020? And then just "boy look at all this 90s sci-fi"]
* [https://twitter.com/Foone/status/1249782345101529088 Alternate casts for Star Trek: TNG? and also, if you released Star Wars one month earlier, Obama wouldn't have been president.]
* [https://twitter.com/Foone/status/1283333049493491712 How uniforms and props from Forbidden Planet kept showing up in later films and shows]
* [https://twitter.com/Foone/status/1276415534037254144 The first episode of Star Trek and why it had to be restored from multiple sources]
* [https://twitter.com/Foone/status/1270032227858960385 Why ebay thinks I want to buy a skirt, and what that has to do with Star Trek and navels]
* [https://twitter.com/Foone/status/1285928618246369280 My idea for a Star Trek fanshow: incredulous starfleet officers reading mission logs]
* [https://twitter.com/Foone/status/1197057659075092480 The original story for Zyuranger, which Power Rangers was based on, involves DINOSAURS and SATAN and I love it]
* [https://twitter.com/Foone/status/1031277500213542912 How Contact keeps its special effects grounded to make it feel more real]
* [https://twitter.com/foone/status/1188854816283381760 My favorite thing in Sci-Fi: Bullshit Cosmology/Ontology]
* [https://twitter.com/foone/status/1183769145713709056 That movie where a dragon-rider fights a hydra on the moon]
* [https://twitter.com/foone/status/1178681940854988800 How I realized a plot point from my Starmap setting was stolen from Asimov's Foundation series]
* [https://twitter.com/Foone/status/1002666615836573696 Star Trek TOS didn't have floppy disks in it. And the data tapes in Star Wars probably aren't tapes. And why the Star Trek timeline is weird]
* [https://twitter.com/foone/status/1028248648105189376 The neat animation of Akira]
* [https://twitter.com/Foone/status/1004504262389297152 Mechanical animation of Evangelion]

== Thrifting ==

* [https://twitter.com/Foone/status/1001265355249958912 Goodwill Thrifting that got my tires slashed]
* [https://twitter.com/Foone/status/1036471057392132096 Dolls wrapped in Plastic]
* [https://twitter.com/Foone/status/1033930446743134211 Thrifting with Cool Phones and Uranium Glass]
* [https://twitter.com/Foone/status/1040141782191763456 Looking for laserdiscs and finding Tijuana Christmas]
* [https://twitter.com/Foone/status/1034298822329917440 Unisex Rocking]
* [https://twitter.com/Foone/status/998063553918599169 Laserdiscs in Santa Cruz, and Everflex Balls]
* [https://twitter.com/Foone/status/882020945497477120 Appropriately weird stuff at the Weird Stuff Warehouse]
* [https://twitter.com/Foone/status/979945949928632320 Giant Hard Drives at the Weird Stuff Warehouse]
* [https://twitter.com/Foone/status/952306569617620992 IBM PC/XTs at the Weird Stuff Warehouse]
* [https://twitter.com/Foone/status/951558056613109760 More PCs at Weird Stuff Warehouse]
* [https://twitter.com/Foone/status/948320211001737216 Test your network with a suitcase at Weird Stuff Warehouse]
* [https://twitter.com/Foone/status/946560355882303490 Plotters & MPreg at the Weird Stuff Warehouse]
* [https://twitter.com/Foone/status/945865130046251010 Minidiscs & a stealthy CRT at the Weird Stuff Warehouse]
* [https://twitter.com/Foone/status/944755892926345217 The Noise Generator at the Weird Stuff Warehouse]
* [https://twitter.com/Foone/status/944305051928993793 Vic-20s at the Weird Stuff Warehouse]
* [https://twitter.com/Foone/status/942334738282422272 Floppies and Tandy CoCos at the Weird Stuff Warehouse]
* [https://twitter.com/Foone/status/911763171249025024 Half a car at the very Weird Stuff Warehouse]
* [https://twitter.com/Foone/status/861099506753953792 Sphygmomanometers and mixer panels at Weird Stuff Warehouse]
* [https://twitter.com/Foone/status/929513322721902592 Slockets and power adapters]
* [https://twitter.com/Foone/status/925215848272297984 Minidisc recorders at Excess Solutions]
* [https://twitter.com/Foone/status/912426029041324032 Prototyping boards and tube-testers at Halted]
* [https://twitter.com/Foone/status/1053516201182150656 Pinball with friends, and thrifting at Urban Ore]

== Video, Film, & Television ==

* [https://twitter.com/Foone/status/1250568295012392960 Why it was hard to make amateur porn films in 1980 and what that has to do with proprietary Sony SSDs]
* [https://twitter.com/Foone/status/936396633654288385 Early Instant-Replay systems were DEADLY giant hard drives]
* [https://twitter.com/Foone/status/1306335331063492609 How Slip Rings were vital to your VCR, and how helical-scan made VHS tapes small enough to be usable]
* [https://twitter.com/Foone/status/1070174477332361216 How to morph a character on screen in 1960, without cutting, but it'll only work in black & white]

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I like to ramble about things on twitter. Sometimes these are interesting long threads, so I'm going to try to collect them here.

Aliexpress/ebay/amazon is full of Weird Junk



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Computer Displays

Computer Keyboards & Mice & Joysticks

Computer History

Computer Programming

Chemical Elements


Flea Market (Electronics/De Anza)

Floppy Disks



My Government Job

US History & Politics

The James Webb Ground Device



Misc Science



Personal History:


Space Science

Science Fiction & Anime


Video, Film, & Television