Floppy Controllers

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Modern computers tend not to have floppy drive controllers, so alternative ones are needed. Even in the rare case where your computer has a floppy drive port, it'll really only support native IBM PC formats, and one of the benefits of alternative controllers is the ability to image non-IBM formats on IBM disk drives.

USB Controllers
Name Drive support Formats License Price Available Write
Kryoflux 3"/3.5/5.25"/8" Many Commercial* ~$139 ? Yes
SuperCard Pro 3.5"/5.25" Many Commercial $99.95 ? Yes
FC5025 5.25" Many Commercial $55.25 Yes No
DiscFerret 3.5"/5.25"/8" Many GPL/Apache N/A No ?
FluxEngine 3.5"/5.25" Many MIT N/A DIY Yes
ArduinoFloppyDiskReader 3.5" Amiga GPL N/A DIY Yes
USB FDD@1306 3.5" 1.44mb IBM Commercial ~$13.50 Yes Yes
Applesauce 3.5"/5.25" Apple Commercial $225-285 Yes Yes
Virtual Floppy 8" TRS-80 ? N/A No No
SIO2PC 5.25" Atari 8-bit Commercial $35-70 Yes Yes
X1541 5.25" C64 Public domain N/A DIY Yes
Glasgow 3.5"/5.25" Several BSD/Apache N/A No/DIY Yes
Greaseweazle 3.5"/5.25" Many Public domain N/A DIY No
ADF-Copy 3.5" Amiga GPL N/A DIY Yes
Name Drive support Formats License Price Available Write Interface
AFR External 3.5" Amiga Non-commercial N/A DIY No? Parallel
Catweasel 3.5"/5.25" Many Commercial ? No ? ISA/PCI/Zorro
Copy II PC Option Board 3.5"/5.25" Many Commercial ? No Yes ISA
bbc-fdc 3.5"/5.25" Many MIT N/A DIY No Raspberry Pi(SPI)
Pauline 3.5"/5.25" Many GPL N/A No/DIY ? Ethernet