USB FDD@1306 USB floppy adapter

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Front of board

This is an adapter for using full-size 3.5" floppy drives as USB floppy drives. It uses an unknown 24-pin TSOP/TSSOP? microcontroller. The chip has "6520" on the underside. The oscillator on the board is 12 mhz.

It's sometimes listed as "UPC 699920449831"

Desoldered board
Rear of board
Underside of chip

Chip pinout

LED? 2 23 VCC +5v
R3 3 22 N/C
Drive Select 4 21 N/C
Motor On 5 20 Wgate
C3? 6 19 Write Protect
USB Data+ 7 18 Track 0
USB Data- 8 17 DiskChange
RDATA 9 16 Index
WDATE 10 15 HeadSelect
VSS 11 14 STEP
OSC1 12 13 OSC2

Note: It seems to use the sorta-compatible Shugart interface, as it uses pin 6 which is N/C in the IBM format.

for "Drive Select" it's hooked up to DS1/DS2/DS3/DS4.


I have an identical (presumably: I need to open my case up and double-check) unit installed in my main PC.

It identifies itself to windows as "TEAC USB UF000x USB Device", VID=0644 PID=0000.

The drive doesn't support DD (720k) disks or 1.68mb DMF disks.