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It's been open sourced. Big if true.


Language Title Archived ISO
English US 3D Movie Maker 3dmoviemaker
English UK 3D Movie Maker 3-dmoviemaker_worldenglish
Spanish 3D Creador de Películas 3d-creador-de-peliculas
French Mon Atelier de Cinéma en 3D mon-atelier-au-cinema
Italian 3D Movie Maker ms3dmm
German 3D FilmStudio 3d-filmstudio
Japanese 3D Movie Maker 3d-movie-maker-japan
Russian Not yet found

Other releases

Name Archived ISO
3D Movie Maker Sept. 1995 Beta 3dmmbeta
Doraemon Character Kit for Microsoft 3D Movie Maker doraemon100_201910
Nickelodeon 3D Movie Maker nick3dmm


Original Microsoft release

My fork


The Open3DMM discord is used for development on the 3D Movie Maker source and future projects.


3DMM Chunks List