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Name Platform Date Link Source? Blog?
Remote Ether Arachnid Wartime Flash 2007-2008 Web Zip
Pipecraft JS/Crafty 03/2011 Web Blog
ZapRogue Curses 02/2011 Blog
Slam IRC 01/2011
Dec3 PyGame 12/2010 Blog
Nomo PyGame 11/2010 Blog
Mahjong Solitaire PyGame 10/2010 Blog
Coin OP PyGame 09/2010 Blog
Space Resistance PyGame 08/2010 Blog
Oshi PyGame 07/2010 Blog
X/Y PyGame 06/2010 Github Blog
Journey to the Surface PyGame 05/2010 Github Blog
Scramble IRC 04/2010 Blog
pank IRC 04/2010 Blog
jstanks JS 03/2010 Blog
PyCross console 02/2010 Blog
microgue curses 01/2010 Blog
Sokoban PyGame 12/2009 Blog
Dark Stars Android 10/2009 Blogs
multitank PyGame 08/2009 Blog
Match3 PyGame 07/2009 Blog